The oppressed majority, la majorité Opprimée by Eléonore Pourriat

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As a film maker and as a assaulted woman (by a close so called “friend”) I thank my colleague Eléonore Pourriat of this short film. Watching this film I experienced my very deep feelings such as catharsis and relief. Men should really experience that, in order to understand what women have to see during their life. It is outrageous that not only women are sexual harassments and assault’s victims but also they have to face ignorant people’s stereotypes and doubts about guilty. It is disgusting. There is no possibility for men who are extremely ignorant and close minded to really figure out what women feel. The only way to help them in this path is to show them this film, which really is worth it and I strongly recommend it!

About my experience in finding my website stolen and used with my name an phone number near porn videos.

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I am writing something not directing related to documentaries films but extremely important about being advocate of personality rights such as reputation and privacy of individuals.

Doing a research I came across one my old websites which was supposed to be off line at least for more than 3 years. Not only it was weird to find it online but also it was used in a completely misleading way, with links to porn video and photos, a link to a design furniture shop and worse thing, my name and my phone number where there, close to an email that I never knew.

I asked my husband, who works in the web filed, to double check and he confirmed this old website was stolen and badly reused. Therefore he looked for the registration of the owners and the domain.

When we discovered this company was registered in London we called Fraud Police and we reported that fact. They were really polite and kind and I felt really good. They spent a lot of time with me on the phone asking me details in a very sensible and sensitive way.

Before ending the call police advisor suggested to me something that was simple and solving at the same time, they told me to write direct to email of fake owner and to whom hosted the website. I considered this real naive but I did it  anyway.

The day after I was extremely surprised to get an email from a fourth different address which I haven’t had contacted before in reply to mine, which apologized and promised to remove the website in 24 hours. I asked in this email who was who, but no reply. After two hours, the same person wrote to me apologizing again and telling me that the website was removed. All this was very fishy, I mean, how did this person got my email? How did they got my old website? Why they put my name close to porn video? Why using my website with an email which does not exist? No reply to that, but overall, my name and my phone number and my old website were removed. And that’s great.

I called back the police to update them. It was all so quick that I suggest to try to write to people in the case stolen web pages and/or personal details. Sometimes, as in my case, it solves the problem. Even, of course, this problem should not exist at all if people would more respectful of others privacy and reputation.

Trattativa Stato-Mafia: Sit-in 29 Ottobre nella tua città

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Di seguito l’elenco delle città dove è possibile partecipare al Sit-in del 29 Ottobre. dalle 9.00

– Palermo davanti al Carcere dei Pagliarelli, via Bachelet 32
– Ascoli in Via G.Falcone e P.Borsellino angolo P.zza S. Orlini – Tribunale di Ascoli
– Bologna Piazza dei Tribunali 4, Palazzo di Giustizia
– Cagliari P.zza della Repubblica 18, davanti al Tribunale
– Lecce Viale De Pietro, davanti al Tribunale
– Milano di P.ta Vittoria – davanti al Tribunale
– Roma, Pzzle Clodio, davanti al tribunale
– Torino Vittorio Emanuele 130 – Palazzo di Giustizia Bruno Caccia
– Udine in via Crispi, a fianco del Tribunale
– Venezia Campo Bella Vienna – Tribunale di Rialto

Italian passport is a bad heritage

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The day one decides one wants to change her or his life because one is fed up of a country where there is no room for people with excellent skills and attitudes, who want to contribute to society for common good, nowadays that is absolutely complicated.

I have been exploring western world living in many areas such as New York, The Netherlands, Tuscany, London and Milan and I can sum up many concerns I have about equal opportunities or even about opportunities per se.

I have been reading a article which compares Schools in Finland and in the USA. I read Italy differently from Finland finds itself at the 29th place in terms of PISA tests. Some months ago I read people from the North of Italy are as good as their peers in the rest of Europe in such a test.  I was born in Milan, I attended good catholic school but people abroad consider my passport and not my study career, I am afraid.

When I read those articles I am shocked. I feel as if I grew up in a third world country. But then I realize they are not talking about me. No article talks about me and about Italian people who are competitive and who have excellent skills.  Despite the fact that I studied a lot and I never gave up because I believe in lifelong learning, I realize Italy and Italians are always considered as ignorant and lazy people. This is not true for some people, who are obliged to leave that awful country. We are destined to move from country to country without rest because of our passport ,which declares something false. There are a lot of people who are not Italians despite their passport, if Italian means ignorant, lazy, mafia, machiavellian, cheating, narrow minded, not reliable, stuck in the past people.

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