Lilithwork meets Asilo Bianco at Museo Tornielli, Ameno Lago d’Orta

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Andree Rossi M. Lilithwork interviewed by International Journal of E-Politics – IJEP

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Producing documentary films is something more than putting together some images. It is a way of doing research, to me. Documentarian film makers  usually follows path a researcher does. First of all they look for a subject they are interested in. Secondly they put together things apparently have no point to be together. Thirdly they write down a proposal which combines such apparently different things. After that they develop those ideas following a path chosen to reply a answer author nurtures as the most important question related to the subject. That will be structure for any continuity. Developing both a research and a documentary film one should ask herself or himself Am I answering my main question interviewing those people or would be better to speak to those others? I am convinced a documentarian with a relevant experience is part of the academic environment even if she or he is not actually working with Universities. Universities should give value to documentarian film makers in order to support and make documentarian people recognized as much as they deserve. For instance I had the pleasure of speaking of my experience as a documentarian to IJEP and I felt significantly recognized and listened. I felt as if I finally were part of my environment I have been always been with, which is the most committed to explore and talk about subjects just a University can develop. Here is the link to buy my IJEP Interview.


Interview with Movie Producer and Director Andrée Rossi Maroso on the Use of the Internet to Support Her Artistic and Political Work

Celia Romm Livermore (Wayne State University, USA)

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