The oppressed majority, la majorité Opprimée by Eléonore Pourriat

February 11, 2014 § Leave a comment

As a film maker and as a assaulted woman (by a close so called “friend”) I thank my colleague Eléonore Pourriat of this short film. Watching this film I experienced my very deep feelings such as catharsis and relief. Men should really experience that, in order to understand what women have to see during their life. It is outrageous that not only women are sexual harassments and assault’s victims but also they have to face ignorant people’s stereotypes and doubts about guilty. It is disgusting. There is no possibility for men who are extremely ignorant and close minded to really figure out what women feel. The only way to help them in this path is to show them this film, which really is worth it and I strongly recommend it!


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