About my experience in finding my website stolen and used with my name an phone number near porn videos.

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I am writing something not directing related to documentaries films but extremely important about being advocate of personality rights such as reputation and privacy of individuals.

Doing a research I came across one my old websites which was supposed to be off line at least for more than 3 years. Not only it was weird to find it online but also it was used in a completely misleading way, with links to porn video and photos, a link to a design furniture shop and worse thing, my name and my phone number where there, close to an email that I never knew.

I asked my husband, who works in the web filed, to double check and he confirmed this old website was stolen and badly reused. Therefore he looked for the registration of the owners and the domain.

When we discovered this company was registered in London we called Fraud Police http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/ and we reported that fact. They were really polite and kind and I felt really good. They spent a lot of time with me on the phone asking me details in a very sensible and sensitive way.

Before ending the call police advisor suggested to me something that was simple and solving at the same time, they told me to write direct to email of fake owner and to whom hosted the website. I considered this real naive but I did it  anyway.

The day after I was extremely surprised to get an email from a fourth different address which I haven’t had contacted before in reply to mine, which apologized and promised to remove the website in 24 hours. I asked in this email who was who, but no reply. After two hours, the same person wrote to me apologizing again and telling me that the website was removed. All this was very fishy, I mean, how did this person got my email? How did they got my old website? Why they put my name close to porn video? Why using my website with an email which does not exist? No reply to that, but overall, my name and my phone number and my old website were removed. And that’s great.

I called back the police to update them. It was all so quick that I suggest to try to write to people in the case stolen web pages and/or personal details. Sometimes, as in my case, it solves the problem. Even, of course, this problem should not exist at all if people would more respectful of others privacy and reputation.


The Children’s hour by William Wyler with Audrey Hepburn, Shirley MacLaine, James Garner

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I wonder why people do not speak about this black and white film as it deserves. I guess this is because it is considered not so fashionable and funny as many as other films with Audrey Hepburn are, such as How to steal a million or Sabrina. That’s a pity because this film is a actual masterpiece. It faces reality of love and fear back in 1961. I guess it was hard for people who were in love with people of the same sex. This film conveys that matter in an in-depth way.

Scene is almost always indoor. It takes place in a feminine boarding school where one of the students mad at teachers gossips about the fact that they are lesbians and spreads this word. Immediately reputation of teachers and school are ruined. Students leave and school closes. This case arrives in court and Karen – Audrey Hepburn looses her boyfriend who disappears after realizing that he does not trust her.

When things are fallen apart, Martha-Shirley MacLaine confesses her love for Karen-Audrey Hepburn. This confessions opens eyes of spectators not only towards maliciousness of people but also to intolerance for people of the same sex who love each other. A tender feeling of a co-worker becomes the reason for the failure of many lives. How is this possible? How can people transform something good and constructive as love is in a sound tragedy? This film has no merci towards bad people who live chatting on the back of the others because this behavior can be fatal and disastrous.

Based on a true story, written for theatre, this pièce became a film in 1961. And it is astonishing. It is a brave film that explains how people can even kill someone just whispering. The upfront approach prevents people who are seeing this film to avoid reality.

As for aesthetic, classical style gives this film even more strength psychologically speaking. We are used to watch film which are shot with a frenetic camera as if video could express more sympathy for what happens, like Lars Von Trier taught. In this case friction between what spectator expects to see and what actually happens is so strong that result is people are obliged to reflect a lot about what they have just seen.  And that’s a great goal even if director could not forecast this while he was shooting it. One says to himself “hey, this is a classical film, it can not happen something strong which can create scandal, can it?”. When the unpredictable happens, people are shocked. And this is good for giving people the opportunity to think and rethink about this film.

Nowadays cinema has lost the power of making people think. Quality films are not produced or distributed apart from the ones of the festivals for a niche. Good news is that we can find many gorgeous films like this one on the Internet. Old films that can help people to face reality and think about what is good and what is not good. It is amazing to see stars like Audrey Hepburn and Shirley MacLaine involved in such a topic. I think in a way they have done a lot for this issue playing this film. Thank you both!

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