Tiny Furniture by Lena Dunham – 2010

January 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

Aura is not so beautiful girl to be the most important character of the film and her beautiful friend is absolutely odd and just silly. Aura has just come back home from her college, just graduated, just arrived, just not part of the family anymore.

This amazing independent film is really well directed and shot. Lights are inspiring and locations are empty like Aura’s life. Aura’s mother embodies perfect not freak anymore mother who reached success doing photos and who doesn’t know how to be a mother at all. She only put her just arrived daughter in the position of feeling a loser because she is a good professional and the daughter isn’t.

Failures and failures after going back home. That’s life for new generation who can not find room for working, leaving, paying bills, having babies because there is economical crisis and there is no job for anyone young at all.

At least, mother gives a roof and food and fuel. That’s great. Even when Nora tries to be hostess at the restaurant. Sadly she earns 179 dollars and something. She can’t be compared with her mother who didn’t even tried to have a different job during her life. She didn’t need to do that because when she was the same age of her daughter there were room for people who wanted to be photographer  to live. Good for her, bad for Aura, and for us.

Entering the adult age without hope is not so easy. Thank you the director for conveying this situation so well. This is a lovely film and even credits are extremely cute.


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