ARRANGED by Diane Crespo and Stefan C. Schaefer 2007

January 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

Although Rochel and Nasira grew up and live in Brooklyn, New York, they not only are religious but they are even orthodox.  This films helps people like me who do not believe in religions and they fight for feminism to better understand other people’s choices and respect them.

Rachel lives with her orthodox Jewish family. So does Nasira, who is part of a muslim family. Both of them teach at elementary school in Brooklyn and they ended up in the same class. They become closer facing a superficial and disrespectful head-teacher who tries to patronize both women giving them suggestions in order to be part of the so called “free” society. She even gives lessons about her idea of feminism which actually is connected to clothes and superficial stuff. The lady sooner become the only bad example of behavior in this splendid film.

Also this independent film is really good acted. Rochel is a discrete but really determined person and Nasira not only is thoughtful and generous friend but also she is extremely open-minded and she tries to balance her point of view with the one of her religion. Despite religious rules, those women are really independent.  This is the most important thing this film is able to depict.

Plot is delicate and dialogues are not banal at all. If someone fears a stereotyped script can go for this film free of doubts. It is interesting to figure out if a situation like this would be possible outside New York. Maybe not yet, but it is a good start, I’d say. I strongly recommend to watch this film in order to better listen and understand each others learning that religious people can be interesting too.


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