How to see a film – Lesson one

November 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

We all know how to read.  Right.
But we see more moving images than words nowadays.  Do we know how to see them? Do we feel like we have acquired literacy about that?
Do we  know how to watch something properly? Without being passive in front of moving images?
Amongst tons and tons of moving images, we should start from films, because they are the best quality of moving images society knows.

First of all, we must forget popcorn and beverages.
Think about it: we can not even hear dialogues if we eat or drink, can’t we!
So, let’s concentrate and start the film.

Many things we can know about a film are clear from film credits.
So let’s strat from the credits.
The atmosphere, the flavour you will find all the film long are hidden at the very beginning.

Start to watch whatsoever film and think about titles. What do they convey? What do they imply? Which atmosphere do they suggest?

Try to do this exercise and please tell us what you find out.


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